26 October 2012

My Fashionable Ancestors Part 2 (CP)

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The second photo my mother emailed me this week was from 1930, according to the license plate. The interesting thing is that the ladies pictured are dressed in some seriously outdated clothing, and are still sporting drop waists from the mid-to-late 1920s. Probably more mid, since the older woman has a bit more of an earlier fashion about her, but it's possible she was just more conservative in her choices of clothing.
The shoes in this photo are making me insane with envy. Look at the cutouts on the lady on the right! You can probably click on the image above for a closer look. I'm also a serious sucker for cloche hats. 
Is there anything in historical fashion that you wish was more socially acceptable today? Bustles? Drop waists? Suits of armor?

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