26 October 2012

On Something Old, On Something New

Well, here I am!

I've finally decided to dedicate a separate blog to all of my silly historical fashion, crafting and sewing musings. I finally have a place to post current projects, inspirations and aspirations, relating to historical fashion and culture.

I suppose you might be wondering who I am. My name is Emily and I live in South Eastern Michigan. I've got a nicely seasoned farm blog over at A Pinch of Something Nice and I blog regularly with some other fantastic bloggers over at Not Dabbling in Normal. I am a farmer and horse trainer, and I run my own horseback riding program in Plymouth, Michigan, and I am married to my best friend, Jeremy Bastian, who is an all ages comic book artist/creator.

I've started this blog to share my love of historical clothing, cloth, craft, costume and culture. My current favorite time periods for fashion are 1912-1923 and 1929-1938. Basically I find myself obsessed with any great change in fashion, and wars (1914 and 1933) have a real habit of creating lots of change, very quickly. I love the intense flow of the Victorian era, but it's the practicality of women's clothing during late Edwardian, war-era England and America that really get me. The great depression leading up to the second world war is another time of great change - lots of practicality and thrift.

There are entire sections of my closet and library devoted to antique and reproduction clothing, and over time I'm sure you'll get to see most of it. I love to share the things I make, and I love to make reproduction dresses. Sooo, I suppose you'll be seeing plenty of those as well.

Stay tuned!

What is your favorite historical period for fashion?

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